Nexperia is the expert in high-volume production of discrete and MOSFET components and analog & logic ICs that meet the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry.

With an absolute focus on efficiency, Nexperia consistently produces the essential semiconductors required by every electronic design in the world: more than 90 billion annually. Products that are benchmarks in efficiency – in process, size, power and performance – with industry-leading small packages that save valuable energy and space.

With decades of experience, supplying to the world’s biggest companies, Nexperia has over 11,000 employees across Asia, Europe and the U.S., offering global support.

The company has an extensive IP portfolio and is certified to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

As the innovator of the industry-standard LFPAK package, Nexperia further extended the MOSFET family when it introduced the LFPAK88. The unique combination of copper-clip package design and latest silicon technology, in an 8 x 8 mm footprint, results in a Power MOSFET which provides up to 48x power density than traditional alternatives. At 40 V delivering a low 0.7mΩ RDS(on) Suitable for high-performance automotive applications such as power steering, braking and 48/12 V DC/DC, the LFPAK88 also provides ultimate thermal performance, high ruggedness and supreme board level reliability, along with 2x higher continuous current rating. What is more, the LFPAK88 offers up to 60% space efficiency compared to D2PAK and D2PAK-7 products traditionally selected for these applications, making it the MOSFET of choice for automotive engineers working on the most challenging new designs.

Unlike other packages where performance is often limited by internal bond wires, LFPAK88 devices employ copper-clip and solder die attach construction, resulting in low electrical and thermal resistance, good current spreading and heat dispersal. In addition, the thermal mass of the copper-clip also reduces hot-spot formation which results in improved avalanche energy (Eas) and linear-mode (SOA) performance.

The combination of high continuous and demonstrated current rating ID(max) of 425 A and low RDS(on) of 0.7 mΩ in a smaller package size, presents market-leading power density of up to 48 times when compared to traditional alternatives such as D2PAK. LFPAK88 has brought further innovation: thanks to its low-stress gull wing leads, it is a more rugged and thermally robust package, delivering reliability levels more than five times the requirements of AEC-Q101 automotive testing.

LFPAK88 MOSFETs are available in both automotive AEC-Q101 qualified, and industrial grades. Industrial applications include battery-powered power tools, professional power supplies and telecomms infrastructure equipment. The LFPAK88 was closely developed with a leading automotive equipment manufacturer, and has since been adopted by several other Nexperia automotive customers. Nexperia’s innovative copper-clip package technology has set the industry-standard for robust and reliable MOSFET package choice.

The LFPAK88 delivers market-leading power density in an 8mm x 8mm footprint, up to 48x compared to traditional alternatives such as D2PAK and D2PAK-7. Delivering 2x higher continuous current rating, ultimate thermal performance and reliability, and up to 60% space saving efficiency, makes LFPAK88 the MOSFET of choice for the most challenging new automotive designs. Available in both automotive AEC-Q101 and industrial grades.