Socionext SC1701 Smart Display Controller

The SC1701 is a Multi Remote Display Solution which is ideal for next generation cluster and center information display (CID) applications. Integrating intelligent systems into automotive displays is one of the major challenges for vehicle manufacturers today. In order to address these challenges Socionext has introduced the next generation of highly integrated Smart Display Controllers for automotive remote display applications. Of course, different applications have different requirements. For example, the Cluster requires a certain ASIL level which can be fulfilled by several safety features such as freeze detection and signature check. Whereas the CID application needs a relatively high resolution, maybe touch IF as well as key features such as HDR or, depending on the contents, a wider gamut.

Socionext’s SC1701 offers excellent safety features as well as reducing system costs.

How the safety concept works at system level should be highlighted; following is a typical use case:

• The head unit (HU) SoC calculates the target signatures for some safety critical contents (gear position, warning messages, etc.)
• The target signature value is transmitted to the Smart Display Controller via a high speed video link sideband communication
• The comparison between the target and the actual signature is done through the programmed area in real-time (a maximum of 16 windows can be checked by every frame, if necessary)
• In case any mismatch happens, the results trigger an appropriate safety action on the display, for example warning message overlays, or telltales.
• At the same time, the HU will be automatically notified to trigger a safety action at the system level.
• A similar use case can also be used for other applications such as freeze detection. In this instance, the HU or Camera module will insert a running frame counter into the blanking area.
• The Signature Unit is continuously checking the frame counter to ensure it is changing as expected or react if something is wrong

To make the device “smart” the addition of an integrated Command Sequencer is key. This can add or enhance not only safety use cases but also application cases which require more complex processing. For example, the Signature Unit checks if the display output is correct by calculating a CRC value in the intended area, and in the intended frequency, according to the dynamic instruction by the Command Sequencer program.

Furthermore, the Integrated APIX Rx enhances the safety concept and also reduces BOM costs by the elimination of some components such as MCU, TCON and Desrializer.

When looking at the global market trend of automotive display applications, it should be emphasized that in addition to the overall increase in the shipment number, the panel size, and the resolution of each panel, the Cluster and Center Information Display (CID) will stay in the main application. Although new applications such as HuD and eMirror will also be increasing, it is important for market growth to keep offering solutions for Cluster and/or CID applications. In addition to the safety features mentioned above, which are suitable for Cluster applications, the next generation Smart Display Controller support the proprietary Panel Interface Port to support larger/wider panel for further Cluster/CID cockpit applications.

Smart Display Controllers Data Sheet