Castle Microwave Ltd are a small team of 6 office staff, MD, Sales Director and 4 engineering specialists customer facing. We have recently invested in a University graduate and all pride ourselves on giving the best customer service possible. Our USP is our engineers out on the road are all fully trained and able to advise on all facets of RF & Microwave projects. Our internal staff are also very knowledgeable bridging the gap between customers needs and our principals who are often overseas. On average we have 480 new opportunities a quarter and 694 open opportunities at any one time. On average our 4 engineers are visiting 80 customers upholding our renowned reputation. In addition Castle Microwave is able to provide a variety of services including after sales service and repair, consultancy, hard ware calibration, installation, programme and project management, test & measurement and training. We have “live chat” on our website allowing existing and new customers to get a technical answer 24/7 . Castle Microwave has 36 years of experience and evolved with our customers needs so winning this award would give us the recognition our team deserve.