Carly used to deal with the day-to-day sales and was responsible for all customer service on a daily basis. As General Manager, Carly now guides and trains the team to always ensure customer service excellence is provided. Carly still maintains active contact with many accounts and will check that they are happy with the service being provided.

Our office team have the instruction to answer phone calls within 2 rings (preferably 1 ring), which they all are keen to maintain. This means that our customers are not waiting around, when they could be getting on with other things.

We don’t have any machines; all of our customers speak to people, to enable us to offer a fully personable customer service.

Any sales inquiry or orders etc sent to our e-mail are all answered within 1 hour if possible. The customer might not get the full information required but they know that our team are dealing with their request and will get back to them as quickly as possible.
If the team feel valued and supported by management, the whole company thrives and this positivity radiates through the Jacarem team and has a direct impact on our customers.