While the users of e-scooters, e-bikes and other e-mobility solutions get used to enjoying the use of apps, professional fleet operators and producers of high-value e-vehicles have already started to think about more sophisticated solutions. Those should allow them to stay connected with their vehicles directly – seamlessly and globally. The long-year experts for mobile energy of ANSMANN Industrial Solutions, therefore, have developed a rechargeable system including a GSM-module and a GPS tracker – the so-called „ANSMANN Connected Mobile Power“-system.
Using those new, connected ANSMANN rechargeable battery packs combined with the Ansmann “Intelligent Battery” technologies if required- which are connecting rechargeable systems with alls kind of NFC and Bluetooth or WiFi – the designers of all kind of mobile devices get all the interfaces they need. This is the perfect battery-based solution for tracking, security features and remote maintenance via mobile networks, cloud and IoT for their mobile devices of all kind. Good to know: The new IoT and cloud-based functions can be combined without compromise.

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