Founded in 1966 by Dr.T.Nakamura, the company has developed from being the first supplier of Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) to a leading manufacturer of high performance CIG driver wide-temperature industrial displays. It is a member of the Noritake Group which specializes in ceramic based products with abrasives, chinaware, materials, furnaces and electronic divisions. In 2009, Itron saw the opportunity for smart, integrated display and touch modules in the industrial sector following their growing dominance of the telecoms market. The challenge was in enabling the existing microprocessor-based display user to be able to drive such a complex sub-assembly. Itron now exports VFD products from manufacturing plants in the UK and Japan to customers throughout US, Europe and Asia.

Itron UK’s original electronic visual display expertise can be found within this wide temperature , industrial range of products featuring Vacuum Fluorescent Display technology or VFD’s . Itron UK’s Wide Temperature Display Modules-based industrial displays have been at the forefront of European industry for the last 40 years and they still find new opportunities in applications that cannot be solved any other way as reliably and cost effectively.

• Wide -40 to +85 Degrees Operating Temperature.
• High Brightness visibility and wide viewing angle in all directions.
• Character and Graphic Format options.
• Design Longevity, supported for over 20 years in some cases.
• Modmaster Development Software available.
• Customisable displays and modules.
Tel: 01493 601144