Brief explanation of technology

The Wall is a pioneering modular microLED display screen that is configurable and scalable to suit any environment from corporate boardroom to luxury living spaces. The Wall is a life-size screen with an ultra-slim design that seamlessly blends into its surroundings to provide a new level of immersive viewing and ensures that consumers can experience a superior picture quality in the comfort of their own homes. Powered by unique Quantum Processor Modular, AI upscaling technology automatically enhances content to the optimum resolution according to the screen size and ratio.

For the first time ever, users can experience the ultimate in picture definition, with The Wall’s unique Black Seal technology offering deep levels of black and ensures ultra-realistic tones in crisp, clear pictures quality. What’s more, The Wall has the world’s first and only LED HDR technology that supports up to 8K resolution, providing a seamless LED solution. All of these qualities come together to offer a truly one-of-a-kind, captivating experience in life-size. And through the self-emissive LED technology, the display is immune to burn-in and has an industry-leading lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Why Samsung should win an award

The Wall would be a worthy winner of this category as it is reshaping how we use LED
technology from in our homes to retail and B2B with its modular design and the end user in mind. The Wall opens a whole new market sector never before available in the professional installation market, that of large format visual displays that are visible in daylight, delivering cinema levels of performance in ambient light environments.

Because The Wall is entirely bezel-less, the screen can be made to whatever size so that it can be tailor made for each individual user. The Wall’s technology and innovation means it delivers the best picture quality possible using microLED, with each LED emitting their own light, eliminating the need for any backlight or colour filters.

The Wall is an innovative solution to projectors with benefits and advantages that overtake the use of projectors including:
• Consistent brightness compared to various elements that effect projectors
• Up to 8K resolution compared with 2K / 4K with projectors
• 100,000 lifespan hours compared with 3,000 – 10,000 hours with a projector
• The Wall is a space-saving solution – projectors need enough space for projection distance and installation
• The Wall provides support for content ratio adjustments (partial), Black screen doesn’t disturb viewing experience. Projectors need an extra masking system for ratio flexibility
• The Wall can support lifestyle content whereas projectors don’t

Evidence of technological innovation

Unlike conventional upscaling methods, The Wall uses machine learning to develop thousands of algorithms to classify and upscale content. Samsung’s AI Upscaling technology can thus render around 33 million pixels in real time. In the process, details are sharpened, jagged edges and noise eliminated and pixels restored as needed. It can upscale low-resolution content up to 8K while preserving 98% of the original detail — 30% improvement over other methods.

The Wall takes LED technology even further. It uses a new process to produce LEDs where the individual pixels are only 0.8mm wide, meaning even more pixels can be used in every frame for richer, denser, higher-quality imagery. The Wall also employs dynamic peaking technology that features content at peak brightness levels nearly twice as high as the standard LED signage maximum. As a result, The Wall produces brilliant, consistent content that shines even against white or dark backgrounds.

User benefit

The Wall targets both residential and commercial users. For home users, The Wall is a new innovation in home entertainment – built to users’ own specifications who can be creative with the made-to-measure size. With bold, stunning visuals, it creates the most inspiring multimedia entertainment. Users can go beyond traditional viewing to manage content in new ways – whether watching the latest shows or creating a unique backdrop that can be art or photos.

The personalisation features of The Wall allows businesses and home users to completely customise the display to fit with their brand or home décor, while keeping the flawless visuals intact. The ability to showcase diverse and personalised content, such as art and photos, gives users the opportunity to personalise their surroundings like never before.

The Wall offers several ways to customise the ultra-large display for an exclusive experience. The AI upscaling technology, powered by the Quantum Processor Modular, intuitively enhances the content to the optimum resolution so the user receives peak performance and presentation quality without extra tuning effort. The dedicated mounting allows for uncomplicated installation and with front service, users can conveniently access parts during maintenance.

Commercial success

SCS Technologies is one of the UK’s leading technology system integrators of choice and a Samsung certified installation partner. SCS were recently tasked with installing The Wall into a client’s home, with the initial request to up-grade and simplify the home automation system as well as integrate new technologies. Combined with SCS’s vision – the client’s brief morphed into a desire for a luxury, high-performance audio-visual solution.
The Wall was specifically requested by the client to elevate the home interior, and being the world’s first consumer true Ultra HD (4k) modular microLED television it was the perfect pairing.
Commenting on the installation of The Wall, Kevin O`Neill, Director Hospitality Solutions Europe at SCS commented, “The Wall blends perfectly with the interior décor, acting as an extension of the clients own personal style. With bold, stunning visuals, it creates the most inspiring multimedia entertainment. It’s a true one-of-a-kind providing a sophisticated and stunning viewing experience, delivering extraordinary picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours”.

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