At H Robotics, we have profoundly redesigned the entire concept of an aerial drone for industry. It has an H Frame which is far more stable than the usual X frame that retail consumer toys rely upon. This also permits clients to benefit from a modular approach to flight characteristics. Usually, firms have to buy lots of different kinds of drones – fixed-wing, octocopters, drones with parachutes, quadcopters, none of which typically talk to each other. With ours, they can deploy standard lift arms to carry 1 kg of a payload or the heavy-lift arms to carry 3kg for even longer. They can choose the octocopter arms or the Search and Rescue arms or the wing. In other words, instead of having single-purpose drones, we give industry the chance to have multipurpose fleets that drive consistent digitization no matter what the circumstances.
Our modular approach to cameras, sensors, devices and accessories is another innovation. Most drones come with a very limited choice of these things if there is any choice at all. By being open-architecture with regards to both hardware and software, clients can stay current with the newest and most useful (usually cheaper) innovations. Our autonomous vehicle system makes them future-proof. The creation of a super user-friendly control system is another innovation. Firms no longer need to rely on expensive external pilots. Anyone can fly our HiSight because, frankly, it flies itself. Most drones were developed for people who like flying. Ours are made for people who just have a job to do and no fascination with flying and no skill. A person still has to be licensed but our system caters to the needs of a regular person, unlike most drones which assume the pilot is an enthusiastic hobbyist. Finally, we have innovated the delivery of data via smart devices thus allowing firms to engage in real-time management collaboration from anywhere at any time. They can now make digital models of anything from anywhere. Taken together, w think that our HiSight is a truly innovative electronic tool that is already transforming how many industries operate from policing to mining to port management and de-mining in war zones.