Only a small number of companies provide end-to-end solutions and usually offer limited customization and a focus on device management.

The FoundriesFactory offers businesses the ability to fully customize their product firmware and OS software, based on a supported and maintained Linux platform designed for IoT and Edge devices. FoundriesFactory supports platform and application software updates, build and test infrastructures, supported by the latest software and security patches. Automation enables devices to be continuously and remotely tested and updated, ensuring proactive management of device fleets.

FoundriesFactory is innovative because it was designed from day one with security and customization in mind. Security is often an afterthought for IoT devices and has made IoT devices targets for hackers as potential weak points into corporate networks. FoundriesFactory is uniquely designed to have a minimal attack surface and is continuously updated with the latest security patches – the most secure software is the latest software.

Our business model differs from many in this space, by offering a subscription-based service for complete flexibility. This innovative approach provides a product lifetime subscription without lock-in and with no per-unit royalties or fees. Customers are free to stop their subscription at any time, and keep all of their product software.

FoundriesFactory offers a solution to a major problem in the market. There is a current skills gap in experienced security, automation and embedded Linux engineers. FoundriesFactory is a self-service cloud solution providing turnkey services to develop, secure, deploy and maintain embedded, IoT and Edge devices. It addresses the challenges of security and device management, while reducing the cost of lifetime maintenance. Companies will no longer have to source an in-house team of engineers to maintain and monitor security software, allowing teams to focus key differentiating features that will bring them competitive advantage and drive increased innovation in the IoT/Edge space.

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