Microchip’s Trust Platform for its CryptoAuthentication™ family is the industry’s first pre-provisioned hardware-based IoT solution that provides secure key storage for low-, mid- and high-volume device deployments using the ATECC608A secure element. It consists of a three-tier offering, providing out-of-the-box pre-provisioned, pre-configured or fully customizable secure elements, allowing developers to choose the platform best suited for their individual design. Credentials are generated inside each secure element’s boundary by leveraging Microchip’s Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) that are installed in its factories. The devices also come with hardware and software development tools to make prototyping easy and to fast track development.

Previously, manufacturers were only able to support configuring and provisioning for high-volume orders, ranging from 60,000 – 150,000 units. Microchip’s Trust Platform is the only solution in the industry that provides configuring and provisioning for a minimum order quantity as low as 10 – 100 units, also allowing embedded developers to authenticate to any public or private cloud infrastructure. It’s making hardware based IoT security more accessible to the mass market, helping companies of all sizes easily and quickly implement secure authentication.