From smartphones, speakers to automotive headlights, electronic components and devices require maximum protection to ensure they are functioning correctly without failure. A lack of proper ventilation is often the root cause of device performance issues and points to a larger problem with venting design.

To protect sensitive components and electronic enclosures in everyday devices, Porex has designed Virtek® IP rated protection vents. Made from pure sintered PTFE, Virtek is a customizable porous polymer membrane that is extremely durable with high temperature and chemical resistance, making it optimal for a wide variety of electronic equipment and a gamechanger for the industry. Because it can operate in demanding and harsh environments, it can outperform traditional expanded PTFE (ePTFE) membranes.

Its unique manufacturing process results in a robust material with an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores, which together deliver a higher level of performance. The PTFE membrane offers superior hydrophobicity and chemical resistance, as well as high-temperature stability. It also provides high bacterial filtration efficiency, high water-entry pressure, customizable airflow, and a fluid barrier. Virtek’s composition provides reliability during the manufacturing process and beyond, offering long-term value for the manufacturer and the end-user.

Airflow plays a key role in device performance, whether it is to prevent overheating, provide pressure compensation or assist with fluid management. Poor airflow can occur based on changes in a device’s environment and temperature. For one, if there is an extreme change in temperature or even a subtle change over time in the environment, a buildup of pressure can develop within the device, which can ultimately lead to failure.

In many devices used day-to-day, protection vents are designed to protect interiors from dust and moisture while allowing to equalize pressure. This ensures devices can alleviate the pressure / vacuum created by heating or cooling. An example is an automotive application which requires a sealed enclosure but venting is critical to allow dissipation of pressure from the heat generated by internal functioning parts and to block humidity build up resulting from the outside environment.

In the case of car headlights, where moisture can accumulate and condensate because of fluctuating temperatures due to their operating conditions, Virtek solutions can prevent water intrusion while still allowing it to vent. This reduces the likelihood of the consumer having to replace a foggy headlight, particularly custom LED headlights, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

Releasing pressure is essential in smaller electronic devices too. Cell phones, which are known to become warm with continuous use, can also overheat if they lack proper venting. At best an overheating phone will simply stop working. However, if pressure inside the device caused by the battery overheating is overpowering, then the device could catch fire or worse, explode during use. Porex’s Virtek solution is designed to act as a safety vent and prevent explosive pressure build-up in case of battery off-gassing or component failure.

With consumers increasingly demanding better protection against the elements for their products ranging from smart phones, speakers, cameras to wearable devices, Virtek vents serve as the perfect barrier against dust and moisture while allowing air to escape through electrical openings. Virtek solutions will revolutionize how products are designed in the future because they provide necessary airflow in a simple and cost-effective way, while allowing brands to differentiate their products and meet consumer expectations.

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