The “SX proFRAME” system is a modular solution for capturing video and other data. The core of the system 2.0 is a PCIe card for PC use, which is now also available in a housing with Thunderbolt interface for easy connection to laptops. The recently completed third generation of the board – the SX proFRAME Base Board 3.0 – with a Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ ZU4 MPSoC and 2GB DDR4 memory achieves a maximum data rate of up to 6.4GByte/s, which is up to four times higher, has even more interfaces and is also available for the first time in the industrial format CompactPCI Serial. The first camera adapter available for the proFRAME 3.0, the SX camAD3 Dual MAX9296A, is equipped with two GMSL2 deserializers of the Maxim MAX9296A type. Models with GMSL2 serializers and adapters for future camera generations with Maxim’s GMSL3 device and the upcoming FPD-Link IV devices from Texas Instruments are in preparation. Depending on the application, the new SX proFRAME 3.0 version allows up to four camera image data streams to be recorded, simultaneously forwarded to an ECU or played back. Our outstandingly wide range of camera adapters allows, depending on the base board, the integration of a multitude of (camera) sensors via interfaces such as FPD-Link III and IV, GMSL2 and 3, CoaXPress or others. When used with video data, real-time processing can be performed simultaneously via FPGA-based imaging modules that build on Solectrix’s extensive know-how in the field of digital image processing. The SX-proFRAME system includes electronics and software components. Typically, it consists of a base board, camera-specific adapters and corresponding Solectrix software including customer-specific application. It is designed for use in Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HIL), for example for the development, diagnostics and validation of driver assistance systems or the development of prototype systems such as surround or stereo camera systems.

Sx proFrame 3.0 PDF