UltraSoC Bus Sentinel allows SoC designers to control access to sensitive areas of their devices, instantaneously detect and block suspicious transactions, and build a long-term profile of system operation to secure against current and future cyber threats. This allows designers to incorporate an independent internal monitoring system into their chips. This continuously checks that the device is operating as expected, detecting anomalous behaviour that might indicate a security breach. In addition to detecting and even profiling threats, the Bus Sentinel can be configured to respond in a variety of ways; implemented in hardware the response is in real time.

In an age of autonomous vehicles, ubiquitous connectivity and increasing dependence on technology, cybersecurity is one of the top challenges for technology developers. UltraSoC Bus Sentinel is a next-generation hardware-based cybersecurity solution for applications from vehicles and factory robots to consumer devices. As David Rogers, CEO of cybersecurity specialists Copper Horse, said: “As the threat landscape evolves and the consequences of attacks become more concerning, implementing security features in hardware has many advantages. By putting security at the heart of an SoC, UltraSoC’s technology helps by monitoring, detecting and addressing security concerns at the most fundamental level possible today.”

Bus Sentinel integrates into UltraSoC’s holistic on-chip monitoring and analytics architecture, enabling powerful hardware-based system-wide security, functional safety and performance optimisation features. It is our first product specifically aimed at cybersecurity, and when used with our existing infrastructure components, can be used to build a long-term profile of system operation, detecting and blocking not only known threats, but also adapting to future exploits in the future.

We believe Bus Sentinel is genuinely unique: while other solutions claim to provide hardware-level security, only Bus Sentinel is able to do this at a system level. It goes much further than standard encryption and secure enclave techniques; and uniquely protects the system. Unlike software-based solutions it reacts in a few clock cycles – microseconds rather than milliseconds – which in many applications (such as automotive) could make the difference between catastrophic failure and user safety.

UltraSoC Bus Sentinel Product Brief

UltraSoC Bus Sentinel Summary