New in the Solectrix portfolio in 2020 is the SXoM CBS2 eNUC 1, Solectrix GmbH has presented at the Embedded World Show 2020 for the 1st time. The super-innovative, extremely integrated eNuc consists of a revised SMARC 2.0 carrier board according to the “embedded NUC” standard for the integration of computer and FPGA modules, with slot for M.2 memory or communication modules. For customer applications, such as the control of decentralized communication networks, a slot for expansion modules according to the FMC standard is also available. With the SXoM EDC eNUC 1, Solectrix also offers a suitable 500W power supply unit (supply voltage 270 VDC typ.). Both eNUC modules are compatible with the ARINC-836A form factor (miniMRP). Embedded NUC™ specifies a new industry standard of the SGeT standardization group, based on the popular Intel® NUC systems, but designed for industrial applications. By adapting the Intel® NUC for industrial applications, a wide range of PC functions can be realized in an extremely slim form factor. With its PC performance, embedded NUC represents a very attractive solution for industrial applications, as it offers a large number of interfaces in a particularly compact format.