When creating DIN rail assemblies how do you ensure your connectivity needs are met without compromising valuable space in the cabinet?

The scenario is nothing new as no matter how well planned the layout of your cabinet is, the interconnection needs always take valuable space between the DIN rails. The reason is mainly due to the location of the connectors and the cable bend radii needed to prevent damage to the connection points. In traditional electronics enclosures the number of connection points is also limited unless the physical width or height of the housing is increased which then takes up even more valuable space on the DIN rail.

The multi-functional ME-IO housing system from Phoenix Contact is particularly suitable for applications with a limited amount of installation space and a high number of interconnection requirements. With convenient Push-In front connection technology wiring is easy to access, quick and tool free. The compact design enables individual devices to have up to 54 connection positions with an overall product width of only 18.8 mm.

The product range includes special housing versions and accessories for creating a complete system consisting of a controller, bus coupler, and individual I/O modules. The unique lock and release system enables the connectors to be removed quickly and easily either individually or in groups using block belts. To enable communication between modules the 5 or 8 position TBUS can be utilised which are compatible with the already long established ME Max and recently released ICS enclosure systems.

To ease your design process go directly to the online configurator by entering web code #0512 into the search field on the Phoenix Contact website, chose ME I/O from the ranges shown and simply drag and drop your choices to create your enclosure. Once completed you will be given a unique reference number allowing you to call up the solution at any time or share with others. The solution contains a complete downloadable bill of materials and the ability to view your creation in 2D or 3D which can be downloaded as a cad file in a number of formats.