Alongside electronic component distribution, GD Rectifiers also works closely with customers alongside it’s manufacturing facility. GD Rectifiers manufacture a wide range of power assemblies, selenium suppressors, selenium rectifiers and heatsinks primarily designed for industrial applications.

GD Rectifiers recently worked with Future Designs to design and build prototype units for Crossrail which were powered up at full light output in controlled ambient conditions and tested for 3 months with the team taking temperature readings six time a day.

The mock up demonstrated that the heat management system worked, it also identified a glare from the uplighter mounted on top of the totem which was a concern for passengers on the escalators because they were so bright. The solution was to fit a very fine blind of angled metal fins between two layers of glass that form at the top of the units and to etch the glass which created a slight frosting on it to help soften the light.

As the first major sub-surface infrastructure project to be entirely lit by LEDs, Crossrail is leading the way for LED lighting and subterranean infrastructure and is set to offer Transport for London huge time and cost savings on maintenance of the Elizabeth line.

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