Pure Electronics truly deserves the Excellence in Innovation award for a few reasons, the main one is a customer came to us with a water testing kit he needed to bring back to the UK for manufacture, we reversed engineered this, sourced metal work and plastics including innovative cable assemblies and temperature controlled electronics that needed to perform in harsh environments. We went through serious amounts of testing, teething problems and processes to evolve with our customer to provide a solution that is working perfectly in third world countries saving peoples lives. Our People, Innovation and Processes, a very small team deserve the “Excellence in Innovation” award for this and other cases that we have put our customers needs first and made sure we deliver, dependable working solutions, evolving with miniaturisation, electronics and water which don’t normally go together ! Every day is another day to excel. Innovation & Excellence are in our genes, we would love to win this award to give our small team the recognition and sleepless nights a badge of honour!