Since 2008, Sure Petcare has been developing smart pet products that have improved the lives of pets and owners around the world. All Sure Petcare products meet a need and tackle prevalent issues faced by pet owners such as stress, behaviour and obesity. Sure Petcare products are developed as a result of customer feedback and whether there is a need for the product in the pet industry.
Starting with the launch of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap, which keeps intruder animals out of the home using a pet’s veterinary implanted microchip, Sure Petcare has gone on to develop four further microchip-operated doors, including the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect and the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect. These connected pet doors link to the Sure Petcare app via a Hub, giving pet owners an insight into their pet’s activity in and out of the house whether they’re at home, at work or even on holiday.
Notifications are sent when a pet uses the door and the pet’s patterns of activity are stored within the app. This enables owners to learn what’s normal for their pet to help them notice changes in activity which could be a sign of illness or distress. The doors can also be locked remotely and access to the app can be shared with friends, family or pet sitters.
Sure Petcare also has a range of feeding products known as SureFeed, including an app-connected product called the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, which links to the same Sure Petcare app as the connected doors. The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect helps to tackle obesity and weight-related problems by only permitting access to a registered pet’s microchip to prevent food stealing and accurately weighing a pet’s food portion using integrated scales. A pet’s feeding habits can be monitored over time to help an owner spot changes that could indicate illness.
Sure Petcare’s first solely dog focused product, Animo, is an activity and behaviour monitor that tracks how active a dog has been each day and monitors barking, scratching, shaking and sleep quality. It’s designed to stay with the dog for its lifetime, using an adaptive algorithm to meet the changing needs of the dog as it gets older.
Sure Petcare’s connected products form part of their Connected Product Ecosystem. When used together, products within the ecosystem can give a pet owner a more complete picture of their pet’s overall health and wellbeing, whether they’re monitoring feeding habits, cat flap use, activity or problem behaviours in dogs.
All products are designed in Cambridgeshire by a team of in-house engineers, researchers and software developers. Sure Petcare products quickly become a normal part of everyday life, enhancing an owner’s ability to care for their pets with little or no impact on daily routines. What Sure Petcare do is often more complex than their customers realise, as great products are always simple and easy to use, empowering owners to care for their pets in revolutionary new ways.
Sure Petcare’s mission is to:
1. Treat every pet as an individual. By identifying each animal via their microchip, owners can provide tailored care to each of their pets as their needs change throughout their lifetime.
2. Solve a problem. Many owners experience the same problems every day so Sure Petcare wants their products to provide a solution.
3. Be non-intrusive. Products should be simple and easy to use, working in the background to give owners and pets confidence and security.
4. Create a connection. As owners’ lives become increasingly busy, Sure Petcare products help them to understand and feel connected to their pets, no matter how stretched they get or how far they are apart.
Sure Petcare has an omnichannel approach to customer service, giving customers multiple routes to get in touch with the customer service team. Their in-house bespoke self-help tool, SureSolve, allows customers to self-diagnose simple issues with their product, leaving the customer service team more available to deal with complex cases.
Sure Petcare has made it easy for customers to purchase their products through their website, Amazon and other selected online retailers as well as bricks and mortar shops and veterinary practices. Vets are happy to recommend the products as they recognise the health benefits that they can offer their clients. Sure Petcare products are often recommended to clients who attend the practice with cats that have been terrorised in their home by neighbouring cats getting in through their ordinary cat flaps or overweight pets from multi-pet homes that aren’t aware of selective feeders.
Many owners see their pets as a member of the family, and it’s through the use of Sure Petcare products that they can offer their pets an extra level of care to make their lives better, help to keep illnesses at bay and give owners peace of mind. Every month Sure Petcare helps pet owners to accurately weigh out 450,000 meals, every day over 1.3 million homes are protected from intruder animals by Sure Petcare products and every hour Animo analyses over 87,000 data points.
Sure Petcare are continuing to innovate, with further connected products planned in their product roadmap that will help pet owners tackle other areas of pet health and behaviour.