The Fischer LP360 is a breakthrough low-profile signal & power connector with 360° mating that maximises usability, efficiency and performance. No key code means 360° mating freedom for optimized cable management. Membrane-sealed contacts ensure a fully cleanable connector (both plug and receptacle). Low profile allows for easy integration in any environment, in any market.

The Fischer LP360™ is a game changer in connectivity. Its patent-pending innovations in mating, locking and materials offer easy mating (360° mating) and easy cleaning to end users, and easy integration to design engineers. The low-profile connector is easy to integrate into applications operating in diverse and challenging environments, including portable and wearable electronic ecosystems delivering power and data with optimized cabling. Smart vests for industrial workers, security officers, healthcare professionals and dismounted soldiers are examples of applications where this new connectivity solution works as a hub with multiple devices connected to a shared data and power bus to enable real-time communication.

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The Fischer LP360 is the first product to be launched from the new Fischer Freedom Series™  which has been designed to offer easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration for fixed and wearable devices in any market. (See for more information on the series)