Providing a considerably longer lifespan than other enclosures on the market is what makes this product range innovative. There are a number of strong attributes which contribute to its resilience:

Manufactured from the best alloy: Galvanic effects between copper and aluminium increase the speed of corrosion, so a lower copper content leads to slower corrosion of the aluminium, and this range contains less than 0.1% copper content, whilst those on the market contain between 3% and 4%.

Outstanding Corrosion Resistance: A salt spray test was undertaken, simulating prolonged periods in a corrosive environment and although the enclosures are certified for resistance up to 1000 hours, the test actually went on a further 18 weeks, only stopped due to other projects that required the engineers’ attention, and the box was still not corroded.

High Impact and Ingress Protection: Not only do they retain an impact rating of up to 7 joules, but all IP testing was carried out after impact testing, verifying that the seal is maintained when the enclosure is treated roughly. Majority of enclosures on the market perform IP testing before impact testing.

Superior Painting Process: All boxes are chemically passivated prior to painting and then allowed to dry for 48 hours before electrostatically coating with Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid. Combined with a controlled layer thickness, this offers further resistance to chipping and flaking.

Reusable Seals: The seal will withstand up to 200 compressions or uses; many on the market are single use and not environmentally friendly. Both neoprene seals and silicone seals are available with this product, offering protection from salt environments or high temperature environments, respectively. RFI seals are also obtainable on request to maintain conductivity between the enclosure and the lid.

How will it impact the market?

The Fortis range offer the same form and fit as the market leading thick wall cast aluminium enclosures but with extra durability and corrosion resistance all available at a similar price. There is now no reason to use versions made using high copper aluminium alloys. We expect this range to enter the market through high specification designs where the IP68 seal and corrosion resistance are vital – such as buried applications – but then to broaden to more general applications so that the standard version becomes better. Much like the way that new technology filters down through the models in the automotive sector.

Other Key Information

The enclosures are available in 14 sizes, with IP66 or IP68 ratings, making the range ideal to fit a multitude of applications and electronics equipment. The textured finish is aesthetically pleasing and there are three colours to select from so the enclosure can blend into the surrounding environment seamlessly with a grey or black finish, or else stand out in red for health and safety purposes. Additional accessories can be purchased to go with this range, including DIN rails, mounting plates and spare screws.

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