Cello Electronics is the only LED TV brand that still manufactures products in the UK. From our production line in Bishop Auckland, County Durham we make all of our LED TVs from 16″ to 85″.
Founded in 2001, Cello Electronics combines radical, technically refined processes with contemporary styles and finishes to bring you the highest-quality LED TVs on the market.
Founder and CEO Brian Palmer founded Cello, the only British manufacturer of LED TVs, with a clear vision to develop a range of affordable TVs to appeal to a variety of audiences without compromising on quality.
Over the last 18 years, Cello has produced more than two million TVs from its factory in the North East of England and employs between 50-80 people in the region.
Over the years Cello Electronics have introduced many industry firsts including, in June 2016 Cello launch the world’s first solar powered TV. Ideal for remote parts of the world where there is no reliable electricity supply and also for the outdoor travel market.
Cello Electronics were also ahead of competitors as in 2010 Cello lead the way in the development of ‘Smart TVs’ with the introduction of the iViewer. The iViewer range combines playback channels such as iPlayer with web TV, online movie access, YouTube and home media.