Christos Constantinou has worked for Castle Microwave for 18 years as Senior Business Development Manager and product specialist.
Prior to joining Castle Microwave, Christos trained at GEC Marconi before continuing his career with Comdev and
Christos a rarity in the industry as is knowledge of the RF and Microwave is second to none, he maintains a laser-like customer focus whilst ensuring his knowledge is current. From his time of joining Castle in 2002, Christos has exuded a positive and can-do attitude which has been popular with customers and suppliers alike. In addition to working closely with customer design engineers to ensure that Castle Microwave can offer the most dynamic portfolio possible, he has worked with Castle management to help shape the direction of the company by ensuring that its franchisees are closely aligned to customer demand of the time.
Christos has worked closely with several strategic customers and grown revenue with them of (in some cases) over 250% over a 3 year period.Christos has worked closely with strategic suppliers to ensure that those with pressure on their time have a single point of contact who can work with the customer on both a technical and commercial basis.
Many of the projects he has worked on and helped develop have both pushed the boundaries in RF and Microwave electronics field as well as helping to safeguard our brave UK Armed Forces in dangerous territories.
Above all, Christos is not simply a valued member of the Castle Microwave team. He is a trusted friend and confidant of many of his customer contacts and the Castle Microwave family alike.