Molly Bakewell Chamberlin is a globally renowned and accomplished female executive in the electronics industry. Her firm, Embassy Global, has represented Reed Switch Developments Corp. for the last five years with unbelievably strong results. Molly is known for her quick-mindedness, ease of collaboration, leadership, positivity and kindness. Molly is grace under pressure personified and can be counted on to solve even the most complex of client organizational challenges with ease. Leveraging her extensive experience in the products, markets and applications for the technologies her firm represents, she has demonstrated that she is a proven expert in developing and implementing various growth and expansion strategies. Molly is a valuable asset for any established business considering a merger/acquisition and/or is interested in breaking into new markets; a start-up in need of an industry-specific subject-matter expert to help with branding and company positioning initiatives. Her broad areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, global growth expansion, sales and marketing organizational restructuring, PR, sales channel development, advertising and marketing, merger and acquisition due diligence (non-legal), market research, technical product portfolio gap analysis, international market expansion, and branding.
Prior to founding her award-winning consulting firm, Embassy Global, in 2008, Molly held various leadership positions, including Director of Global PR, Advertising, and Image at PCB Piezotronics (now MTS Systems Corp.); Global Marketing Services Manager at ITT; and Communications and Public Relations Associate for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Currently, she is the President and Principal Consultant of Embassy Global, LLC, a boutique firm that has achieved high, measurable year-on-year sales growth for all sizes of STEM-related businesses in the past 11 years.

Molly has had tremendous success in the industry over the years and has been a consistent key contributor to numerous organizational achievements at each client, company or in-house employment role. In her position at ITT, for example, she established an in-house global marketing service entity, supporting the parent company and its 18 subsidiaries. She identified and implemented process and efficiency improvements, creating $250K USD in tangible first-year cost savings. At PCB Piezotronics, Molly established the global corporate and divisional brand identities and standards of 6 divisions and 10 global sales offices, with those branding elements still in active use at the organization some 15 years on. She has authored and published hundreds of technical articles and PRs in multiple languages, all of which have ultimately generated thousands of qualified new sales opportunities. In yet another nod to her success and dedication, her 100% woman-owned company, Embassy Global earned recognition as the “Best Worldwide Manufacturing PR and Business Development Firm of 2018” by US Business News. She has gone on to pursue a number of graduate-level courses, including at Harvard. Molly’s work has been published more than 2000 times over the course of her career. She also regularly serves as a presenter, moderator, and speaker at industry events. Molly is very much an ‘unsung hero’ in this industry and, we feel, is wholly deserving of such long-overdue professional accolades.


Molly Chamberlin has been a tireless industry advocate for women, as well as family-owned and veteran-owned businesses in STEM, as well as a globally renowned strategic technical marketing, PR and business development expert in the electronics industry for the past 20 years. For any U.S. based firm in the electronics industry to have such global recognition is truly extraordinary. The work of the firm that she’d both founded and oversees as its principal consultant has generated a measurable $40M in new business opportunities for her clients, the vast majority of which are long-term, major industry players. The highly unique research methodologies of Embassy Global are also known for their capability to accurately predict sales growth within core vertical markets. In 2019, Molly Chamberlin’s unique and highly sought skill sets in analytics caught the attention of Harvard. She applied and was accepted into their highly prestigious and competitive analytics programme. Upon completion of that programme in 2020, Embassy Global’s methods will be the only ones in the industry to receive formal recognition and accreditation from Harvard.


In 2008, Molly Chamberlin founded a global strategic marketing, PR and management consultancy, known as Embassy Global LLC, which provides the industry with cost-effective, high impact services. In making certain that those services are equally cost-effective and impactful, with each type of service uniquely derived from 20+ years of proven in-house global industry experience, all whilst carefully centering the business around the unique needs of the industry and customer, Molly has succeeded in growing and sustaining an industry innovating consultancy over the past 11 years. She is equally known, however, for her kindness and generosity, which has taken the form of her direct contributions to both education and women in STEM.


There is arguably not a single person in the industry who has made more of an impact in shaping the promotional, technology, and sales growth of so many manufacturers and service providers as Molly Chamberlin has. And, as much of her firm’s work is NDA’d, she’s remained largely our industry’s best-kept secret for the last 11 years.

In addition to being an all-around kind, caring and generous soul, Molly has made her mark in the electronic components industry as a multilingual global technical marketing, PR and business development expert and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of demonstrated results in North America, Europe, and Asia. She is a widely known and highly respected strategic sales and marketing SME in sensors, IIoT, instrumentation, data acquisition, calibration, electronic components, embedded, industrial automation, motion control, photonics and optoelectronics, MEMS and nanotechnology, relays, and vibration isolation. Industries served include aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, manufacturing, factory automation, medical, oil & gas, plastics, rail, renewable energy and test & measurement. As an expert technical writer and publicist in STEM, Molly’s work has appeared 2000+ times in leading industry trade magazines, in 57 countries and 13 languages.

Following a progressive series of in-house leadership roles at top industry manufacturers, Molly founded Embassy Global, LLC in 2008. Embassy Global is a 100% woman-owned integrated strategic technical marketing, PR and business development firm, Embassy Global. The firm leverages its proven subject matter expertise, longtime editorial and global end-customer relationships, and capability to effectively communicate a highly technical message to market. Their worldwide Client base includes some of the industry’s most renowned STEM B2B related manufacturers and service providers. Embassy Global offers direct Client support in six languages and dozens of countries. More than $40M in qualified new sales opportunities have been generated for the firm’s Clients since 2008. The measurable ROI which Embassy Global is able to achieve for its Clients is highly unique and is derived from the application of its own industry-exclusive proprietary methods, built from in-house and industry experience. Those methods have been historically proven to reduce the traditional overhead costs of outsourced marketing, while allowing Embassy Global to serve as both trusted advisors and a key part of a Client’s profit center. In 2019, those methods also caught the attention of Harvard Business School, which offered Molly a lucrative opportunity to achieve formal certification for those methods. In addition to the business, Molly devotes much of her spare time to advocacy efforts for women and children, as well as the K-12 education sector. We are proud to nominate Molly for this award, which happens to be presented on her birthday in 2020!