Paul Bentley has worked in the power electronics industry for decades and has been incremental in the success of some of the sectors leading companies and their product achievements including those from Semikron, Powersem and GD Rectifiers.

Paul initially trained at ITT (international telephone and telecommunications) then went on to join Semikron as Design Engineer and was later appointed Sales Manager for Power Assemblies.

Paul learnt a lot from working at Semikron and admired their ‘atmosphere of innovation’ philosophy. Having started there fresh out of training, he admired the long-term thinking, smart solutions and employee appreciation, which are all key attributes he has brought to his Managing Director role at GD Rectifiers. Paul has managed to encompass and master a wide range of skills and technical expertise within the power electronics field, which has enabled him to diversify his knowledge of modules and systems.

Paul supports everyone in the industry, from buyers and procurement specialists to engineers, technical teams, subcontractors and everyone in-between. He is a knowledge hub and is at hand to share his knowledge on the industry’s latest projects where possible.

No favour is ever too big or small for Paul, he is at hand 24/7 to support his customers and peers within the industry. Paul is recognised as a technical expert amongst engineers and works hard to position GD Rectifiers as one of the UK’s leading independent distributors. It is a pleasure to work with Paul and witness his contribution to the power electronics industry, which is why I think both Paul and GD Rectifiers deserve this recognition!