Ron Konezny, President and CEO of Digi, joined the company with a vision – to lead the long-standing company into new realms and untapped markets that were in need of critical solutions. He believed the company had excellent talent and a range of key strengths – from the company’s longevity to its strong financial standings, its devoted customer base, and the ability to pivot into high-demand markets.

Mr. Konezny is a leader with vision. He has set high standards and exciting new goals for Digi and its staff, and has set in motion a range of initiatives to not only grow the company but to build and execute on a vision for a thriving company culture. One of these initiatives was to galvanize the company around a set of cultural imperatives: Customer First, Startup Urgency, Positive Energy, Commitment, and Caring. To that end, he launched a Culture Committee within Digi to develop programs and communications to bring employees together around these imperatives, and the global teams have become energized and better connected as a result.

In 2019, Digi moved to beautiful new headquarters designed around connection, collaboration and information sharing – an open, light-filled site with kitchens social areas and even beer taps that is both a beautiful place to work and a showcase that has been covered in several magazine features, such as OfficeLovin’, (

Additionally, Digi and Ron Konezny are regularly featured in industry magazines as well as local Minnesota news for innovations, thought leadership and impactful positive changes. See the Digi news coverage page: Here is one of our favorite examples:

Since Mr. Konezny joined the company in 2014, it has performed six strategic acquisitions and has built out a business division focused on solutions for the temperature-sensitive requirements and compliance needs of supply chain, grocery, food service and pharmaceutical enterprises. The company is growing, and in 2019 had its highest revenue year in the company’s history. We are proud to have Mr. Konezny at the helm.