Roy has been a major player in the electronics industry for almost 40 years, starting his career in 1983 at M/A COM Greenpar as a purchasing manager and spending time at Radiall before eventually becoming Operations Director at Midwest Microwave.

In the early 2000s, the UK had largely been abandoned by the RF connector manufacturing industry. A solution quickly came in 2003, when Roy decided to start up Intelliconnect in the UK, then setting up an additional US operation in Tennessee in 2004. Alongside his brilliant team, Roy has grown Intelliconnect rapidly, becoming a market leader in design-led RF components. Intelliconnect quickly designed and manufactured the first range of waterproof RF connectors, leading the way in brand new innovation and engineering techniques.

Roy has worked hard to get where he is today. He went straight to work at 16 and quickly climbed his way up the career ladder in order to support his family — it had always been his ambition to start his own company too. Roy’s unique perspective has undoubtedly played a major part in Intelliconnect’s growth and had a great impact on the wider industry.

For one, Intelliconnect’s phenomenal growth is largely down to Roy’s constant effort to keep the customer at the centre of everything that Intelliconnect does, from initial enquiry all the way to post-delivery care. Additionally, Roy’s unwavering encouragement of other businesses, and firm relationships with customers, suppliers and other electronics companies, has been a massive support to others in the industry.

Roy has also led the way in providing a safe, welcoming working environment for his team — something he is passionate about. He’s always the first to crack a joke and ask someone how they are. In 2018, Roy led the initiative to implement the Living Wage across all of his offices and factories, ensuring that everyone was receiving a fair wage.
Roy’s efforts within Intellconnect and the wider industry clearly signifies what he cares about most — his staff and the Intelliconnect customer experience.