Nicomatic is a leading manufacturer of high-performance interconnect solutions, headquartered in France and with subsidiaries in the US, China, India, Germany, the UK, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Canada. It specialises in the design and manufacture of creative interconnect solutions for a variety of markets, including industrial, aerospace, energy, transportations and medical. Nicomatic invests 20% of its turnover in R & D and has many years’ expertise in the development of miniature interconnect solutions – indeed, the optimization of weight, space and simplicity is in Nicomatic’s DNA.

Launched in June 2019, Nicomatic’s AMM Micro connectors are designed to solve the most demanding space-constrained applications in harsh environments, such as aerospace, transporation, energy, industrial equipment and medical. The highly-reliable AMM Series is a 1.00mm pitch interconnect, available in five standard layouts with 6, 10, 20, 34, or 50 contacts distributed over two rows. This very robust micro connector is manufactured with a high-performance glass fibre composite housing with stainless-steel fixing hardware. The gold-plated contacts enhance the overall durability and performance of the AMM series. Lightweight and secure, AMM series connectors have ingenious features such as the integrated guidance pin for stacking. Capable of carrying up to 4.8A (PCB to cable, 20 pins at 25°C) or 2.5A (PCB to PCB, 20 pins at 25°C), AMM Series miniature connectors can withstand vibrations of 15G and shock of 100G; devices can handle up to 1000 mating cycles and can operate between -65 and 200°C. Devices are available in surface mount and through-hole versions with a number of fixing options. For applications where miniaturisation is paramount, versions are available without the mounting ears. For maximum reliability and ease of use, AMM connectors are sold pre-cabled.

Although offering standard parts available for off-the-shelf delivery, Nicomatic’s customization options means that AMM series connectors can be supplied with exactly the number of pins the application requires. Despite this, the MOQ for these connectors is 1.

The market has responded very positively to this miniature connector suitable for high speed signal and that also meets the demands of the harshest application environments. The AMM Series is currently being designed in to satellite, defense systems, missile and avionics projects.

AMM Nicomatic High Performance Micro Connectors Catalogue

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