As the number of electronic devices in the field grows, so does the need to network them and equip them with appropriate electronics and interfaces for signal, data and power transmission. Also a key factor to be considered is the need for shielding against harsh environmental conditions. Dirt, vibrations, high temperatures and electromagnetic radiation will place high demands on passive components in devices therefore, electromechanical interfaces will play an important role in exploiting further miniaturization and making devices more reliable , robust and flexible in industrial applications.
In response to this demand from the industry, Phoenix Contact introduced the FINEPITCH series last year a new family of board-to-board connectors with 0.8 and 1.27 mm pitch. Both product families are ideally suited for the internal device connectivity of printed circuit boards. Thanks to horizontal and vertical variants, device manufacturers can implement mezzanine, orthogonal or co-planar PCB arrangements giving flexibility to the design of electronic layouts for different device applications.

Now we can introduce the right angled 0.8 pitch Scalex connection system which allows for more connection options when designing the device.

Finepitch Scalex 0.8mm board to board connector Supporting Information