Radio-wave Sensor for people detection
A radar sensor is an electronic device which is specially designed to detect the position and movement of an object which is at distance level. The sensing range for short distance is up to several meters and they can detect any object that falls within the detection zones.
Today’s solutions are often realized as a module design of several components. The radar sensor is connected to an external antenna which requires in-depth know-how of analogue RF design for antenna and PCB design. The output of such a sensor is an I/Q data (doppler effect) that needs high performance signal processing on the host CPU and software algorithms to calculate the distance.
Socionext SC1233AR3 – 24GHz 2D Radar Sensor

SC1233AR3 is an “all-in-one” & “easy-to-use” 24GHz radar sensor and has capabilities of :
1. Motion Detection – detecting motion of objects in the target area
2. Distance Detection -. distance measurement to the target objects
3. 2D angle detection of moving objects
Motion & distance detection are realized without any external MCU. For 2D angle detection the output is a vector that can be processed with minimal MCU calculations.
This product is composed of TX/RX antennas and an RFLSI which has one transmitter and two receivers with on-chip VCO and synthesizer and works as an FMCW radar.
For presence detection the chip supplies a dedicated DETOUT pin that allows the main CPU to wake-up from a deep power down mode. Other outputs from this product, such as Distance Detection data, 2D Detection data, and the option of IQ data) can be obtained via SPI/I2C.
• Easy to use
• System BOM can be reduced by this “All-in-one” package radar sensor
• Built-in autonomous motion/distance detection function enables only I2C/SPI connection for settings & result acquisition
• Small Size: 9mm x 9mm x 1.18mm BGA, 0.8mm pitch, 64pin
• Operating temperature -40°C to 105°C
Wide detection area with 2D detection (detection area depends on environmental conditions)
• Preferable detection area: 8m in front direction
• FOV (Field Of View): 120deg (half distance angle)
• 2RX antennas capable of 2D angle detection with external MCU calculations
Suitable for battery operation
• 0.5mW average operating power consumption for human detection applications (typically 0.1% duty cycle operation in motion detection mode)
• Once the sensor is setup & running, the MCU goes into sleep mode until something is detected (power down modes for standby, deep sleep and light sleep).
Benefits of SC1233 radar sensor compared to other solutions
• Multiple antennas (both Tx and Rx) integrated inside the package
• High volume, mass production using standard CMOS semiconductor processing
• Unsusceptible to obstructions such as darkness, smoke, fog and dirt on lens.
• Ability to penetrate materials such as glass, wood, paint, plastic and other non-metallic materials
• Draws less power than optical visual camera systems
• Can detect any moving object, as compared to PIR which is dependent on target’s temperature profile
• Outputs a variety of data about the moving object, which is not possible with other sensors
• Smart home
• Smart Devices
• Security/Surveillance
• Home Appliance

Example use case – See attached document

There will be a strong growth over the next years In the sensor market. An increasing demand for safety & security will enhance the market growth as well as a growth in the adoption of sensor fusion technology.

Socionext SC1233AR3 Examples