The Introspect ESP Software is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows customers to create their own advanced test and measurement algorithms, especially ones related to high-speed SerDes interfaces. Designed for users with widely varying backgrounds and expertise, this development tool is unique in that it strikes a fine balance between ease of use and flexibility. On one hand, the software contains pre-built component classes (libraries) that are familiar to non-software experts such as digital design engineers or hardware test engineers; on the other, it has a powerful interpreter-based language that can be used to create all kinds of custom algorithms including machine learning algorithms. This balance between offering ease of use and advanced technical capabilities along with the Introspect ESP’s ability to provide automatic code generation features has made the tool extremely popular with our hardware engineering customers. For example, if an engineer wants to create a characterization sweep in which they loop over multiple variables, the software is able to automatically create the program for this through code-generation wizards.

Innovation and Outstanding Performance

In today’s electronics industry, the hardware systems that engineers are designing are becoming increasingly complex – the programmability seems infinite. This means that solutions for development and debug must be capable of synthesizing, analyzing, measuring, and tracking design changes easily. With this in mind, Introspect Technology has built an intelligent back-tracking feature into the Introspect ESP software called “Show As Test” which tracks all activity from within the IDE even if a project is not saved into the file system. This time-saving feature is extremely useful in debug situations when an engineer is exploring different variables and seeing their effects on a particular design. For example, if a design space consisted of 5 variables, each having 32 settings, then the optimization space occupies >33 million combinations, and this is where the power of tools such as the Introspect ESP software becomes truly apparent. Not only does it have a profoundly stable software architecture, the Introspect ESP saves hours or days of debug traceability with the “Show As Test” feature.

With its innovative “Show As Test” feature, the Introspect ESP software has become a critical tool for accelerating debug and development of complex designs in labs worldwide while simultaneously improving performance of such systems.

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