Next-generation viable in-car lighting

The next generation of in-car ambient lighting will typically comprise of 10 to 30 LEDs mounted on a flexible light strip. Each ‘group’ consists of one red, green and blue LED to form a ‘pixel’, which is then intelligently controlled by the ISELED smart RGB LED driver, effectively replacing the present cumbersome and costly work-around utilizing multiple microcontrollers and a slow LIN bus.

Several LED-related solutions for the automotive market are continuously being developed under the umbrella of the Inova Semiconductors led open ISELED Alliance. The current partners of the ISELED Alliance include Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto, Lucie Labs, NXP, TE Connectivity, the University of Pforzheim, Valeo, OLSA, Melexis, OSRAM and Microchip.

ISELED has multiple advantages for in-car applications such as ambient lighting, functional lighting, smart surfaces, smart steering wheels and dynamic lighting effects, including:

Reduced cabling cost and weight due to the simplified interface and embedded drivers.

Robust EMI design optimised for automotive environment.

Reduced system cost and IC bill of materials due to embedded drivers.

Faster and simpler manufacturing due to LED calibration data stored locally on the smart LED device.

Simpler final test and functional safety capability due to built-in system diagnostic capability.

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