The lithium-ion UPS range from CertaUPS is one of the first to be introduced to the UK market. Available as a 1U, 1000VA and a 2U 1000VA to 3000VA, these new systems have been designed and developed to offer optimum power protection.

Key applications for the UPS include: servers & storage, micro data centres, telecoms and CCTV.
Whilst having a higher initial cost than alternative UPS batteries, the Li400R has been manufactured to hold its charge much better and can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles compared to VRLA UPS systems. Due to the molecular structure, it is also considerably lighter, up to 70% smaller and can work reliably at a wider temperature than other rechargeable UPS battery options. The performance of the Li400R is more easily defined and it does not require a complete discharge before recharging because of their no memory effect.

Lithium-ion Technology
As a compact solution, taking up half the space of conventional systems when comparing like for like on battery runtime, the extended lithium-ion battery life means that these systems offer three times the energy density and double the expected design life when compared to traditional VRLA batteries.
Due to its chemistry, lithium is a highly reactive element that can store a lot of energy in its bonds, translating into very high energy density for lithium-ion batteries. The comparison below shows the CertaUPS lithium-ion powered UPS compared to a standard Lead-Acid (VRLA) powered UPS:

Specific energy (energy density)
non-lithium ion UPS – 15-50wh/kg

Life span
Li400R – 10-15 years
non-lithium ion UPS – 4-6 years
Recharge time

Li400R – 30mins – 1 hour
non-lithium ion UPS – 6-12 hours
Number of charge/discharge cycles

Li400R – >1,000
non-lithium ion UPS – 200-400

The long term TCO of this lithium-ion UPS is greatly increased thanks to it being lighter, smaller, offering a longer life, improved power density and requiring significantly less maintenance than any other.
Additional Key Features

CertaUPS has manufactured these lithium-ion UPS to include a hot swappable battery design, a key feature setting them apart from the competition, allowing for engineering work to be quickly undertaken without the need for the client to shut the system down.

As a true online double conversion design that can be floor standing or rack mountable, the Li400R is a versatile and flexible unit with a low input THDi to reduce power system pollution.

It has also been built to handle higher output crest factors in order to drive difficult nonlinear loads, such as when switching from mains power to UPS. Giving the customer peace of mind that their sensitive loads will not be dropped at switchover and during a power spike.

The power management outlets are fully programmable to fit the users’ needs and the charging current can be adjusted by via the LCD panel.

The Li400R is a highly efficient and economical UPS as it benefits from an ECO mode, energy saving function and a high power factor charger up to 1000W capacity with a very low ripple current when charging the battery to ensure minimal energy wastage.

CertaUPS designed the Li400R with the user in mind and ensured that it required far less maintenance than alternative VRLA batteries. This is due to there being no battery memory or the need to cally cycle the battery to calibrate its runtime. The unit’s long lifespan of over 10 years also reduces the need to replace it over the course of the UPS’ life.

An emergency power off function (EPO) with over voltage cut-off protection and surge immunity by MOV for full time equipment protection.