Molly is a 20-year globally renowned veteran of the electronics engineering space, with particular concentration in sensors, instrumentation and optoelectronics technologies. This is the 10th anniversary year of Embassy Global, the company she founded in 2008, which has generated $35M USD in new business for clients since its founding.

In addition, the firm that Molly founded in 2008, Embassy Global, is serving as exclusive technical marketing and PR sponsor of the Aussie Invader 5R Team, at the personal invitation of Team Owner Mr. Rosco McGlashan, OAM. Based in Buffalo, NY, USA, with a worldwide client base, Embassy Global is lending resources and expertise toward the completion of Team objectives in the B2B technical marketing and STEM space. Embassy Global is a highly unique firm. It is the only one of its kind in the world that offers its clients in-depth product, application and market expertise in the exact niches they serve, along with active industry endorsements and direct introductions of client products and services to qualified end customer prospects. In doing so, Embassy Global is a direct contributor to its client’s annual sales growth.

In addition, as a well-known technical author and influencer, Molly’s work has appeared in over 2000 publications in 57 countries. She is also currently working on finishing her Ph.D. and authoring a book on sensing and photonics marketing.