Mascarenhas PR Ltd is an agency that has dedicated over 26 years to the service of companies within diverse market sectors, ranging from Electronics, Defence and Aerospace to Oil/Gas and Energy. A modest company but perfectly formed with the capability and experience to straddle the varying requirements of multi-billion pound corporations such as Framatome Connectors International (FCI) and Noritake Itron (UK) Ltd across to bespoke family-owned yet highly successful distributors like, Northern Connectors.
Formed in 1992 – the year that Great Britain won gold at the Olympics in the 100 meters in Barcelona, Mascarenhas has successfully represented some of the largest European clients in the electronics and aerospace industry. It has worked tirelessly and diligently to put its clients at the forefront of their respective marketing campaigns.
Highlighted by their persistent exposure in leading market sectors, some of Mascarenhas PR’s client companies have remained in contact with the agency long after they have been sold to larger conglomerates in Europe and to this day, the agency still forwards worldwide enquiries onto these companies – so intrinsic has been the link and friendship between the agency and client that it spans decades of interaction.
Promoting their client companies has always been the key mission of Mascarenhas PR, integrating its in-depth knowledge of key market sectors and combining this with long-standing relationships with editors of many of the industry’s leading publications. In this, the agency has thought outside the box – for example – inviting a leading defence staff member from the US embassy to launch its client’s submarine Search & Rescue beacon at the legendary Rules Restaurant in London which then led to the commencement of the evaluation process via the Pentagon for use of this Search and Rescue beacon by the US navy. Had this beacon been in British designed and manufactured beacon been in service with the Russian navy at the time – it may well have lessened the devastating tragedy that was experienced by the submariners on the Kursk.
Embracing the media, Mascarenhas PR has consistently been a supporter of long-standing events such as Paris and Farnborough air shows, the London-based DSEI defence exhibition from its inception, and the UK EDS show as well as the Elektra European awards ceremonies – supporting regular finalists and winners. The agency’s regular attendance for several years at Europe’s leading air shows and its presence at the British Embassy in Paris – even meeting the British ambassador – eventually was helpful in securing a landmark contract for its UK client company from the Indian Government to supply Search and Rescue Beacons to the country’s air force – an overwhelming success story against mighty US competitors.
Utilising the key relationships that Mascarenhas PR Ltd has made over the years has also given the agency the opportunity to promote its core values that underpin ethics within the electronics industry. Promoting the issues of Conflict Minerals and highlighting the pitfalls of their continued use and trade in many sectors of manufacturing within electronics, particularly the use of tantalum in everyday items such as mobiles and laptops, sets this agency apart – from any other agency.
Mascarenhas PR LTD aims to continue to highlight the horrors of using African child slave labour in our sophisticated supply chain and how tragically it impacts on these voiceless faceless victims and it aims to continue to make a robust stand against the use of all Conflict Minerals in the UK and other European countries. The first article published by Karen Mascarenhas was graciously accepted by ELECTRONICS WORLD for its Centenary edition and last November ELECTRONIC PRODUCT DESIGN & TEST granted her a chance to promote this issue, once more.
Through the range of clients that Mascarenhas PR Ltd has represented over a 26 year period; including; German owned Weidmüller – whose MD at the time, Tony Cash, helped set up the agency, Japanese Noritake Itron (UK) Ltd who the agency has served for over 25 years, UK Smiths Interconnect for almost 10 years, French-based FCI service for over 12 years including the billion dollar acquisition of BERG, Swiss owned LEMO, US-based Alpha Wire and Amphenol, RFD Beaufort, SARBE, Souriau and Signature Industries, its ability is to serve in a timely efficient manner – in the words of one of the long-standing Global Communication Directors:
“It treats its client as if the client is at the centre of the agency”