Launched in 1984, Napier was one of the first agencies in Europe to specialize in the electronics market. Today, Napier is an outstanding B2B PR and Marketing agency, with a team of journalists, engineers, and expert marketers, delivering high-quality and high-value work for clients.

Why Should Napier win this award?
As a PR agency, our team works to get the right results for our clients. The introduction of our unique four-step approach, which is tailored specifically for the B2B technology market, has had a massive impact on our business, ensuring that all campaigns deliver a measurable return for our clients.

We are continually overachieving on KPI’s for our clients, whether they are related to measurable PR impact or increasing revenue and profit. Some examples include:
• Achieving an increased profit of £400K per year for Farnell through the use of HubSpot
• Securing over 3300 items of press coverage for Microchip in 2019
• Creation and deployment of an IoT calculator for Farnell which resulted in 32 different pieces of coverage spread out over 12 different countries and generated over 900 visits to the calculator.

At Napier, we have also invested a lot of time into forming a comprehensive programme to increase transparency and improve as many aspects of the agency as possible for members of staff. We have expanded the development and training opportunities for our team, introducing an extensive training scheme over six months, covering topics from coding for PR professionals to technical training on the industries in which our clients work.
Our focus on training the team means we have built a team of extremely talented people and trusted them to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Mike Maynard, Managing Director at Napier, took over the agency in 2001, and since then the company has grown fourfold. The agency has focused on providing higher-value services, meaning that high-value, high-margin work has grown by almost twice this rate as the company has become less reliant on advertising, reducing it to around 1/3 of the business.

Napier averages around a 50%-win rate in competitive pitches, but the majority of our new client work has come without the need for pitches, as clients seek out Napier for our unique approach, expertise, and skills.

In 2019, Napier was shortlisted for the ‘B2B PR Agency of the year’ at the B2B Marketing Awards. With the award open to all companies across the B2B industry, we were delighted to be shortlisted and recognised as a worthy opponent against much larger competitors.

A key achievement for Napier, is the relationships we are able to maintain with our clients. On average we keep 91% of our clients per year, and this is due to the strong relationships we have formed with clients over the years. Our client Microchip Technology has worked with Napier for 30 years, whilst Vicor has worked with Napier for nearly 20 years. In addition to our long-standing clients, we continue to be chosen by new clients to deliver their campaigns, with new clients won in the last year including Tektronix, Flir, Siretta, TT Electronics and SMART.

Overall, Napier is an exceptional B2B PR agency and has improved several aspects of the agency over the last year, to ensure we are not only delivering excellent work for clients but also have a team that is extremely talented and enthusiastic about the work they do. In fact, we openly offer clients payment-by-results because we are confident that our campaigns will not only make us proud but also deliver a measurable return to our clients.