Drawing on 25 years of backup power expertise, Power Control’s dedicated research and development team has carried out extensive market analysis to deliver a monitoring solution that works with all makes and models of UPS system and across multiple units and multiple locations. Although there are UPS monitoring systems already on the market, none were available that met our requirements such as the essential; feature of logging instances and generating an alarm. A surprisingly large number of systems on the market only checked the UPS status between 5 seconds and 30 seconds. If there was an alarm or instance in between the checks then it would not be registered.

In October 2017, Power Control set their research and development team to begin working on Oculeye, a monitoring product that addresses the direct market needs for a monitoring system that would work on all communication protocols, Oculeye has multi-unit connectivity and can be securely supported on a client’s network or run independently via a mobile modem.

Additional features include real-time tracking, intuitive reporting and that catalogues entire equipment history through its secure custom hardware.

Already setting the benchmark for monitoring technology, Oculeye has been designed from component level up by Power Control’s engineers to be fully future proof and allow for additional communication modules if new methods are introduced.

Oculeye offers real time tracking as the priority and delivers intuitive reporting and catalogues entire equipment history though its secure custom hardware. Its mobile compatibility offers smooth integration and will give a global vi of anything from small standalone applications to large, complex critical environments.

The all-encompassing monitoring tool sends a signal to a battery breaker in the event og thermal runaway risk triggered by the battery monitoring system, thereby removing the risk of thermal runaway and send an alarm to notify Power Control of this event. Enabling preventative maintenance and not just a reactive response.
Innovative and sophisticated the power supply design was changed to allow the use of a new 12VDC UPS developed separately by power control to be utilised. The software package had to be configured and customised to work in the manner required for this product, allowing the multiple communication methods to still show in the same format. All components have been designed to ensure ultimate security the system has been tested against brute force attacks.

Other key innovative features include:
• The ability to monitor multiple vendors of UPS on a single platform.
• Receive alerts if there is a change of status on the UPS.
• Monitor power usage trends from the UPS.
• Monitor temperature and humidity of the UPS environment.
• Easy to use interface.
• Can put on own network to save data charges, or via mobile modem if preferred.
• Can connect via Modbus or SNMP.
• Remote monitoring of multi vendor UPS systems and generate an alarm
• Generate monthly reports highlighting average and peak power requirements and alarms generated
• Assist in preventative maintenance of the UPS
• Have the ability to monitor temperature and humidity of the UPS environment
• Allow Power Control battery monitoring system to be connected and visible through the dashboard
• Send a signal to a battery breaker in the event of thermal runaway risk triggered by the battery monitoring system, thereby removing the risk of thermal runaway and send an alarm to notify
• Power control of this event.
• Work on client network or via mobile 3G/4G modem
• Have failsafe in case of central host loss
• Send alerts via SMS / Email / mobile app notifications
• Have visible status indicators on the product itself