Qoitech is a Swedish tech startup behind the mindset change on energy optimization worldwide. Qoitech provides various companies, from startups to fortune 500, with Otii – a new generation energy optimization solution to prolong battery life for IoT devices. Otii solution democratises the market of energy optimisation, through its innovative HW & SW for all developers throughout the stack.
Otii is the only affordable bench top solution on the market that addresses energy-optimized design in the IoT in a way that can be applied to any design, based on any micro-architecture or power source. It provides a comprehensive set of functions, specifically curated for energy optimization, in a format that supports automation and customisation, yet is affordable enough for every developer to have on their desk. Otii has been designed to be useful to all engineering disciplines, from analog and digital hardware, to embedded software. The incumbents in this area are traditional test instrument manufacturers, such as Keithley, Rohde & Schwartz and Keysight, as well as Chinese providers. While they still favour an expensive product line where the focus is on hardware, our low-cost hardware platform coupled with a software subscription model means we are a technology disruptor compared to our competitors.

Otii’s design supports software upgrades to provide continuous future-proof functionality. As a combined HW&SW Solution, Otii uses flexible hardware that is controlled using a desktop application, automated through scripts, to provide state of the art energy consumption diagnostics. It applies a holistic approach to low-power design, combining unique features to evaluate the power impact of both SW and HW design decisions, to gain realistic energy usage insights throughout the whole development cycle. It can provide insights at any point in the HW and SW stack, enabling a well-executed design and quality verification process for product development. More than 20 man years of effort has been invested, together with prior experience from Sony Mobile Communications around energy optimization.

Otii is more than a power measurement instrument; it is also a power supply. This unique combination is what allows it to measure current consumption with an accuracy of ±(1%+0.5µA) with a sample rate of up to 4 ksps. Otii is also a programmable current sink, over a range of 0A to 2.5A with a resolution of 39µA. Both differential and single-ended ADCs are included, with a range of 0V to 5V and a resolution of 2.5µV and 1.5mV respectively. This combination of hardware and software gives developers real-time feedback on energy usage.

We recently launched Otii Enterprise solution, which focuses on team collaboration and faster decision making, enabling significant cost savings and productivity improvements. It includes new features such as automation for continuous integration, aimed for software developer teams that are eager to speed up the product development process and product quality, as well as new battery profiles. Otii and Otii Enterprise solutions would also enlarge our addressable market size significantly. Because Otii (HW and SW) is specifically designed to appeal to a wide range of developers and their companies, as we want to enable developers throughout the stack to be able to easily optimize their IoT devices without it costing a fortune.

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