The LT8365 is a current mode DC/DC converter with an integrated 1.5A, 150V switch. The dual-polarity feedback pin allows the 8365 to be configured to regulate both positive and negative output voltages via boost, SEPIC, or Inverting Converter topologies. By taking advantage of the 150V, 1.5A monolithic switch, higher output voltages may be achieved with fewer charge pump stages, delivering a compact solution with minimal complexity. Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) used in LiDAR applications often require voltages as high as +/-250V. The ability to program either of positive or negative output voltages via a single feedback pin provides the APDs the flexibility to be connected via either cathode or anode. In signal chain applications, high voltage supply rails for data converters or op amp biasing can be realized without use of large magnetics. The LT8365 can also provide a low noise power supply for MEMS switch in noise-sensitive RF applications. High voltage pin spacing in the thermally enhanced 16-pin MSOP package enhances electrical safety and isolation. Optional spread spectrum frequency modulation helps mitigate EMI, both conducted and radiated.

Market Impact:
The LT8365 is the only high voltage boost available today with an integrated high voltage switch. Competitive solutions require an external switch and significant circuit footprint and complexity to achieve the high output voltages. In addition, the LT8365 consumes a mere 9uA of quiescent current which is very important in automotive applications. Overall the LT8365 provides an elegant design solution to a complex problem.

Target Markets: Autonomous driving, data acquisition systems, medical diagnostics and surgical robotics, communications.