Released by ITECH in March 2020, the brand new series IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System comes with cutting-edge technology which is integrated with engineers’ innovative inspiration. It combines a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load in one. Only a button is needed to switch between the two. This means that it can be used not only as a stand-alone power supply to provide power; but also as an independent electronic load to sink energy and feedback remaining power to the local grid cleanly with its high efficient regenerative rate (up to 95%). IT-M3600 is a pioneering high-tech product. Meanwhile, it is also eco-friendly, helps to eliminate the heat dissipation to a minimum level and save your cost as well. IT-M3600 can fully contribute to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions.

Breaking through the traditional technology barriers, IT-M3600 series adopts flexible modular design, which gives it an ultra-compact body of only 1U half-rack. It supports multi-channel output and each channel is synchronous when paralleling. Users can configure each channel according to the test requirements of DUT. IT-M3600 can output up to 16*16 channels, while the traditional instrument only supports 32 channels at most. Moreover, multiple channels can also be connected in parallel to extend the power test range. So it is very convenient to integrate multiple units into system. This enables IT-M3600 to perfect cater the applications like burning test of production line. The test efficiency has increased by two times, which largely saves your energy and cost.

The full range of models supports multiple units stacking and parallel connection by easy design “legs” plug-in. Fit with rack mount kit to achieve the perfect use. The new series will empower the engineers with innovation and implement test technology advancements more quickly and more accurately. With the battery test function, it is especially suitable for multiple groups of battery pack charging and discharging tests and can be operated completely independently, very easy to control. During the discharging test, its energy recovery efficiency is up to 95%, which is also helpful in saving electricity costs.

IT-M3600 provides innovative CC / CV priority setting to maximize compatibility with different loop characteristics to be tested, helping companies or universities save on equipment purchasing cost. Under CV priority mode, IT-M3600 can obtain faster voltage climbing speed; switching to CC priority mode, it can realize no overshoot of starting current, which is suitable for semiconductor testing that is sensitive to current, such as for laser chip.

IT-M3600 series constitutes a family of bi-directional, regenerative power system with excellent performance, has high-precision output and measurement, and has made a number of safety designs for testing. It is suitable for various testing in multiple fields such as multi-module battery test, multi-channel power test, product shipment inspection, design verification research.

1U Half-Rack, Ultra-Compact Size
Bi-directional device – power supply and electronic load in one
One button switch between source and sink on panel
Bidirectional energy flow between DUT and AC grid
High efficient energy recovery
Battery simulation
Loading features: CC/CV/CP/CR / CV+CC/ CC+CR/CR+ CV/CC+CV+CP+CR
Independent control of multi-channels, one communication card can control up to 256 channels, achieve synchronous or proportional tracking
Power and current can be extended by parallel connection
Standard temperature measurement function
High-speed test, up to 10 times per second
CC/CV priority setting
Adjustable output impedance
Foldback function
Complete protection, support ±OVP, ±OCP, OPP, OTP, grid fault protection and fault storage
Automatic detection of grid status for reliable grid connection
Pre-charge function to prevent DC load current overshoot
The anti-reverse connection protection function is realized by optional accessory
Power failure protection
Sense sensor anomaly protection function
Five optional cards, providing RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, external analog and IO communication interfaces

IT M3600 Regenerative Power System PDF