Offered in the 6.15 mm by 5.15 mm PowerPAK® SO-8 single package, the Vishay Siliconix SiR680ADP 80 V TrenchFET® Gen IV n-channel power MOSFET is designed to save energy by increasing the efficiency of power conversion and switching circuitry. The device combines on-resistance down to 2.35 mΩ typical at 10 V with ultra low gate charge of 55 nC and COSS of 614 pF. These specifications are fine-tuned to reduce the power losses from switching, channel conduction, and diode conduction, resulting in increased efficiency. The MOSFET’s on-resistance times gate charge — a key figure of merit (FOM) for MOSFETs used in power conversion applications — is a best in class 129 mΩ*nC. This is 12.2 % lower than the closest competing product and 22.5 % lower than the previous-generation device, making it the most efficient solution available for typical 48 V input to 12 V output DC/DC converters.

In a practical circuit, the SiR680ADP has been proven to improve efficiency over devices from other vendors. Vishay’s lab compared the MOSFET to other flagship 80 V products in synchronous rectification applications, in which an input of 48 V is converted to 12 V. Based on the test results, the configuration with the SiR680ADP had 0.3 % higher efficiency than the next best option. The benchmarking test utilized an off the shelf DC/DC power supply in a quarter brick format. Tuning components other than the MOSFETs wasn’t feasible, as the schematic of the converter is unavailable to Vishay.

The SiR680ADP will reduce energy waste and positively impact a wide variety of power conversion topologies that energize our electronic devices and infrastructures for data communication. The device provides a highly efficient building block in DC/DC and AC/DC conversion applications such as synchronous rectification, primary-side switching, buck-boost converters, resonant tank switching converters, and the OR-ing function in power supplies for telecom equipment, servers for AI, datacenter and enterprise computation. The SiR680ADP also helps facilitate the circuit topologies used in solar micro-inverters; motor drive control in power tools and industrial equipment; and battery switching in battery management modules and energy harvesting.

SiR680ADP Data Sheet