Socionext is a world leading supplier of System-On-Chip (SoC) solutions. We offer Image Signal Processors (ISP) for Digital Cameras and Video Applications, Video Processing solutions for high density encoding and transcoding video as well as comprehensive solutions to process, protect and display video content. In addition, we offer custom ASIC services for various markets including networking and specific automotive applications.

Almost 10 years ago we saw a clear trend with the increasing numbers and size of digital displays. This opened the door to rethink car display architectures by introducing new technologies such as high-speed video links and smart display controllers. So called remote displays rely on a stable high-speed connection between the central computing unit and the remote display. A remote display architecture allows higher flexibility in design and offers a clear cost benefit as more displays are built into a car.

Socionext combines the most innovative technology with the highest possible flexibility in a commercially attractive package to set a trend in the automotive display controller market.

Socionext introduces the third generation of its fully integrated smart display controller, the SC1701 with an integrated high-speed video link receiver, a 2D graphics engine, and a flexible display timing controller to drive up to 4K panels or two F-HD panels independently. This combination is unique in the automotive market.

The SC1701 is available in different variants which ensures backwards compatibility and is also available in different packages suitable for almost any BOM.

Our Smart Display Controllers are designed to provide all safety features to achieve ASIL-B certification. The integrated 2D graphics engine combined with a Signature Unit is designed to monitor the video content at all times. In the case of an error on the telltales, it warns the driver with a graphical message and sends an event to the main computer. Similarly, the video link and the status of the entire device are monitored. The SC1701 is able to react and warn the driver, even if the video communication from the main computer is lost.

The Video Link operates at 12 Gbps, which is sufficient for most applications. For very large displays, we can triple the video resolution by utilising the integrated VESA DSC decompression engine. Supporting very large display panels is a key feature throughout our roadmap.

Protecting the video content through encryption and also securing the display device from manipulation, can already be addressed with our new SC1701. We will continue to enhance these features, as well as providing solutions to protect the display devices from unintended usage.

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