The Artec Ray is an ultra-high precision 3D laser scanner suited for quickly and precisely capturing large objects, such as wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes, and buildings. Ideal for reverse engineering, inspection, and product design, with its professional LIDAR technology, Ray can capture objects in submillimeter accuracy and at great speed. Additionally, Ray can scan up to 110 meters away from the object – greater than the height of the Statue of Liberty. Thanks to Ray’s high-precision capture, scans are remarkably clean, making it straightforward to post-process even large amounts of 3D data.

Lightweight and user-friendly, the Artec Ray was designed to ensure users get the most out of this robust professional 3D laser scanner. To set up Ray, it’s quite simple. All users have to do is mount the scanner on a tripod in front of an object and begin scanning. With the press of a button, Ray’s 360-degree horizontal and 270-degree vertical field-of-view whirs to life, capturing at a speed of 208,000 points/sec. With an inbuilt battery that lets users scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours, Ray doesn’t require a power source nearby, making it the perfect solution for 3D scanning in the field.

As the scanner can collect more than 200,000 points per second, users are able to confidently measure the geometry of parts with exceptional resolution and fidelity. In addition to reverse engineering large-scale objects and quality control and inspection the Ray can be used for gathering building information modeling (BIM) data, scanning crime scenes, and more.

The Artec Ray can also be operated using the Artec Remote app. Through this iOS and Android app, scanning can be controlled from any mobile device or tablet via a WiFi connection. With just a few taps on a phone or tablet, data can be captured remotely. This is particularly useful when needing to place the scanner high up, in order to capture the top sections of large objects. The wireless capabilities that the Artec Remote app offer make it easy to digitally capture environments or objects from difficult-to-reach locations that would normally be either highly uncomfortable or even impossible for both scanner and operator to occupy. For instance, when scanning the upper fuselage of an airplane, the Artec Ray can be positioned on an elevated platform, while the user safely operates it from the ground below.

Overall, the Artec Remote app allows users to:
• Perform scans without being connected to a laptop
• Specify scan resolution in the Simple Settings Mode
• Adjust sensitivity, horizontal and vertical resolution, switch scanning sounds on and off, and turn scan texture (color) on and off through the Advanced Settings Mode
• Generate a quick scene preview to ensure the target object will be fully captured
• Select one area or multiple areas to scan with specified settings; and
• Quickly save data to an SD-card.

In addition, Artec Ray can easily be paired with any of Artec’s handheld scanners. Artec Ray can be used to make large, wide scans of huge areas, while the handheld scanner, which allows for faster capture of tricky angles, can be used to scan small details. Both sets of data can be merged in the Artec Studio software, which is compatible with all Artec scanners.

The Artec Ray is packed with cutting-edge features that enable scans to be captured with industry-leading speed, accuracy, and operating flexibility to make digital workflows easier than ever.

Artec Ray Supporting Information