The increasing complexity of electronics hardware and software has the potential to increase project timescales, yet at the same time most development teams are faced with ever more demanding time-to-market pressures. products.
The concept of System-on-Module is all about saving time-to-market. Hardware and operating system are integrated and the customer really only has to focus on the applications software development. However, this places a lot of responsibility for the success of the end project on the System-on-Module vendor and relies on the vendor having excellent technical abilities, possessing a great deal of experience and customer understanding and also being local.
Founded in 1992, UK value-added reseller Direct Insight has helped hundreds of development teams to upgrade to the latest SoC, FPGA and OS technology by choosing the right off-the-shelf hardware, software and tools, by providing the required support and services to fill the gaps, and by allowing customer development teams to focus on their differentiating core skills to deliver excellent products. By being involved from design concept, Direct Insight can advise which approach will be the most appropriate.
Direct insight works with key partners: it is sole reseller for OS company QNX; the UK main distributor for Ka-Ro Electronics, the German designers and manufacturers of the SO-DIMM TRITON-TX and QS-Module embedded module range; and a reseller for DFI, a Taiwanese single board computer maker.