Castle Microwave Ltd is rapidly becoming the foremost supplier of high technology and leading edge RF & Microwave products with an extensive remit and expertise covering components and sub-systems used in todays state of the art military, space, telecoms, smart energy and test & measurement markets bridging the gap between UK engineers needs and our principals who are often based overseas. All our specialist engineers are fully trained, extremely knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience keeping them and our customers at the forefront of innovation often involved at the design stage of some of the most prestigious life changing & mission critical UK projects. Only this year we have consulted on a Tier 1 aerospace companies safety, test & measurement project allowing them to report on the parameters of their commercial aviation system. We have also been a major contributor to a very prominent high profile space communication project involving satellites. Our excellence in innovation, people and processes are helping shape the way for the future, being presented with this award would give us the recognition we deserve for our outstanding 36 years contribution!