FoundriesFactory has been designed from day one for customization and security. Security is often an afterthought for IoT devices and has made IoT devices targets for hackers as potential weak points into corporate networks. FoundriesFactory is uniquely designed to have a minimal attack surface and is continuously updated with the latest security patches.

FoundriesFactory offers a solution to a major problem in the market. There is a current skills shortage in experienced security, automation and embedded Linux engineers. FoundriesFactory is a self-service cloud solution providing turnkey services to develop, secure, deploy and maintain embedded, IoT and Edge devices. It addresses the challenges of security and device management, while reducing the cost of lifetime maintenance. Companies will no longer have to source an in-house team of engineers to maintain and monitor their security software, allowing teams to focus key differentiating features that will bring them competitive advantage and drive increased innovation in the IoT/Edge space.

The update approach based on upstream open source support enables customers to maintain their product software at their choice of cadence over product lifetimes which can exceed 20 years for industrial IoT. The subscription service approach enables customers to pay for their software platform on either a monthly or annual basis which they can stop at any time when they no longer need updates. This is a fraction of the cost of today’s approach of customized maintenance.

Security and functionality updates to the core platform are made throughout a customer’s product lifetime. We solve the challenges of secure IoT and Edge device development and deployment across the industry. There is no single OS image for the wide range of connected products – there can’t be, given the variety of use cases. This has resulted in the industry creating DIY software from scratch for each end product. This leads to fragmentation, security and interoperability issues. FoundriesFactory is the solution – keeping software secure and up to date with little to no action on the part of the organization utilizing the Foundries solution.

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