Samsung’s investment and leadership in AI, IoT, and 5G technologies serve as the building blocks for its Connected Living vision, of which Samsung SmartThings is a foundational layer.

SmartThings is the brain of a smart home, connecting wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices through the SmartThings app.

SmartThings’ strength lies in three core areas:
• Secure: Backed by Knox, enterprise grade security – protecting personal data between the home and the cloud
• Simple: All devices controlled in one simple to use SmartThings app. No need to use multiple apps and use with ease whilst in the home and out and about
• Open: Works with over 80% of the UK’s leading IOT brands and across all major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android)

The breadth of product categories SmartThings can connect to and control includes: TV, AV, aircon units, washers/dryers, vacuums, refrigerators, wi-fi hubs, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, doorbells, light bulbs, door locks, thermostats.

In 2019, the SmartThings App was updated and is better than ever before, with a host of key updates ranging from user-interface changes, to major functionality changes including:
• Device Cards – an updated and improved range of available device cards on the home screen, which allows consumers to control their devices conveniently from the home screen
• Lighting Groups – in response to consumer demands, SmartThings introduces the addition of lighting groups, allowing consumers to group lights into a single device card and turn lights on, off, or dim lights with a single tap
• Greater Options for Custom Automations – users can now set automations to run once per day, e.g. enabling the app to turn the coffee maker on when motion is first detected in the morning
• Easier Device Setup – during the setup process, users will be able to check network compatibility and signal strength for improved functionality when using the app

How did this product meet expectations for its market segment?

With SmartThings, users can connect a wide range of Samsung devices and over 80% of the UK’s leading IoT brands (across all major mobile operating systems) to the SmartThings App and manage them all in one place.

Once set up, users can enjoy a simpler, efficient and enjoyable experience by creating rules that allow control over multiple devices and can execute tasks with a single command – removing the need for multiple apps.
• Convenience and ease like never before:
SmartThings allows users to monitor, control and automate a wide range of connected devices in the home. For example, set connected lights to turn on and off at the touch of a button when opening doors and windows, when motion is detected in the home, or when users say “Turn on the kitchen lights.”
• Save more with SmartThings Energy:
Monitor and manage compatible home appliances to check energy usage, compare it with other users and get tips on how to lower the electric bill
• Enhanced home security with SmartThings:
Keep an eye on the home with customisable monitoring alerts through compatible smart sensors, alarms, cameras and detectors
• A fresher home with SmartThings Air:
Monitor the quality of the air in the home and within the local area. Get useful tips for managing surrounding air quality based on past, current and projected conditions
• Secure platform:
Samsung SmartThings incorporates defence-grade security technology from Samsung Knox platform, which ensures data and devices are secure all the way up the technology stack, at a hardware level as well as a software level.

Evidence that shows growth and adoption

Since unifying the SmartThings app and introducing the SmartThings Cloud, the SmartThings ecosystem has grown significantly. The number of registered SmartThings users has grown 220 percent and app installs have increased 61 percent. The number of partners participating in this ecosystem has also grown by 44 percent. Today, consumers can enjoy SmartThings experiences with devices from top global brands like Amazon, Google, Bose, Sylvania, and Plume.
Since the end of 2019, all new Samsung home electrical products are connected to the SmartThings Platform, bringing together expertise in electronics with the power of SmartThings to enable the very best Connected Living experiences.

Product features and unique selling points

There are many bespoke operational features that allow users to automate the home using data such as time, location, or temperature – as well as creating schedules and scenarios seamlessly through a phone.

• SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor:
Detects whether a door or a window is open or closed and monitors temperature and vibration, allowing the home to react using “automations”. Automations are executed automatically based on what’s going on in the home without anyone present, and sends a notification to turn on smart lights, turn the heating on, sound a siren etc

• SmartThings Motion Sensor:
Allows users to keep tabs on their home through direct notifications when movement is detected, whatever their location and regardless of whether it’s expected or not

• SmartThings Water Leak Sensor:
Users can see when there’s a leak in their home and can react accordingly. Placing a sensor under a sink, near a toilet, in the basement or any place vulnerable to moisture, allows users receive an alert right away if water is detected

• SmartThings Outlet:
Users can connect traditional devices to become smart, e.g. turn on their coffee maker and lights as their alarm goes off. Traditional lamps, electrics and small applications can all be controlled from any place in the home, and devices can be turned on or off at different times of day

• SmartThings Energy Control :
Launched as a world-first in the UK at the end of last year, Samsung and Bulb announced a new tool to help people understand their energy usage to make smarter decisions at home. Users with smart meters can monitor energy use in (almost) real-time from the convenience of their smartphone/ tablet

• SmartThings Button:
Users can set multiple functions through one ‘button’ device e.g. set multiple lights, electronics and appliances to turn off with a single tap, double tap, or long press

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