Embassy Global has been the agency serving Silicon Designs since 2010 as our trusted global marketing, PR and business development partner. The capabilities of Embassy Global, in terms of their in-depth product and applications knowledge; prospective end-customer relationships; and capability to drive a message to market is absolutely unmatched. As a result, Silicon Designs had another record sales year.

In my own experience with agencies, I’d found that some agencies may work for a client, but will always have their own priorities and interests in the foreground of every decision. From the moment we signed on, more than 10 years ago now, Molly and her team have always treated our success as their number one priority.

Everyone at Embassy Global works tirelessly to make sure that we optimize our exposure and maximize our return on investment in every possible way. In addition to knowing the best trade shows and publications to reach our markets, Molly’s incredible industry experience and depth of technical product and application knowledge, writing skills, and strong industry client, customer, and editorial relationships make her an invaluable resource for developing and implementing every necessary facet of a successful market strategy.

Embassy Global has been instrumental in our incredible growth of 2019, despite global economic uncertainty impacting our industry. I could not ask for a more skilled, devoted, and reliable ally than Molly and her team.