The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not a standardized market. It is challenging for typical semiconductor vendors who prefer to supply off-the-shelf standard components into the industrial space. However, one size does not fit all when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT is placing demands on cost, power, size and optimization. Adesto believe that only customization and integration will meet these demanding requirements.
We have taken the custom system on chip (SoC) development further by establishing a platform approach to designing an SoC for IoT/IIoT edge applications. The ‘Smart EdgeTM’ platform integrates the building block components together in order to provide a highly optimized single-chip custom SoC. Accommodating different sensors is easily achieved with specific analog front end (AFE) IP blocks that are highly efficient at their given task ensuring that system designers can maximize performance for each sensor element. Adesto are SoC implementation specialists who can advise on process, system architecture and circuit design. The result of this effort is an SoC that is optimized for the demands of the IoT node or system vendor at multiple levels – functionality, security, cost, and energy efficiency. Adesto also advise on process, system architecture, circuit design, and software infrastructure considerations to ensure the project’s success.
The SmartEdge Platform provides a uniquely cost-effective way to integrate sensing, calibrating, controlling and communication functions into a single ASIC. This level of integration delivers higher overall performance, particularly when moving between the analog and digital domains, whilst also bringing down the system power budget. For autonomous edge devices expected to operate for many years from a single battery, a SmartEdge solution will provide significant benefits.
The SmartEdge Platform brings together all of Adesto’s expertise in creating custom ASICs, drawing on its portfolio of silicon proven IP. It is offered with full design support and access to the industry-leading technology that makes Adesto a leader in custom ASIC design and manufacture. For more information on the SmartEdge platform see

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