Commercially released earlier this year, having already been subjected to thorough testing by several major defence-related customers during 2019, Denchi’s 430935 6T rechargeable batteries bring the operational benefits of Li-Ion technology to military vehicles. Possessing a broad array of functionality – including integrated charger electronics, advanced battery management and self-testing capabilities, these units are supplied in the standard NATO 6T format (269mm x 256mm x 230mm) housing.

As most military vehicle batteries still utilise some form of lead-acid chemistry, they are extremely bulky. Thanks to dramatically heightened power density levels, the Denchi 430935 6T series enables the replacement of two 40kg conventional lead-acid batteries (that would take up a considerable amount of space and weigh a total of 80kg) with a single far lighter (25kg) alternative. As a consequence, there is much less impact on the vehicle payload, and the time needed to fit them is shortened too. In addition, unlike lead-acid units, these batteries have the advantage that they may be used in ‘silent watch’ mode – so that electronic sights, communications equipment and numerous other functions can be powered even when the vehicle’s engine isn’t turned on. Furthermore, built-in heaters eliminate the need for cold start kits.

These batteries can accommodate input voltages of up to 35V, with the charge rate limited to 45A (maximum). They are capable of delivering a 350A (maximum) continuous discharge current and a short pulse (30sec) of as much as 1100A. Another key feature is the ability for their constituent cells to be charged directly – which significantly accelerates the charging time. The current can be increased to 270A (with the sinking of a 500A pulse for a 5sec period being possible). Self-balancing technology helps to prevent individual cell ageing. An easy to read 5 LED state of charge indicator on the exterior of each of these batteries allows operational status information to be viewed immediately. This status information can also be communicated to the vehicle’s health and usage management system via the battery’s CANbus interface.

The elevated power densities achieved by the Denchi 430935 batteries means they are very well suited to size, weight and power (SWaP) scenarios. These units can be incorporated into the 24V systems of a wide range of different military ground vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers (APCs), light armoured vehicles (LAVs) and main battle tanks (MBTs) – where they are able to take care of engine start and other high peak demand requirements. Shipped in lightweight but robust aluminium enclosures, these batteries deliver a prolonged working lifespan, even in the most uncompromising of application conditions. An operating temperature range from -40°C to +60°C is supported, with over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection mechanisms ensuring against potential sources of damage. These batteries can deal with over 4,000 recharge cycles (at 70% depth of discharge) – which is an order of magnitude more than equivalent lead-acid batteries (as well as being much better than competing Li-Ion solutions too). Their longevity, combined with the more streamlined implementations they enable, markedly reduces the associated cost of ownership, as well as simplifying purchasing activity.

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